Xena got picked up as a stray in San Antonio, TX, discarded by people who clearly don't deserve an amazing dog like her. We saved her on New Years Eve! This girl is approximately 8 years old and has proven to be a total gem! She is very sweet and loves to make her humans happy. She is obedient and minds her manners like a good girl and never fails to impress us.
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$565.00 donated of $1,800.00 goal
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At the shelter she was in terrible shape. Very thin, discolored coat from fleas, and totally defeated. While in foster care she has gained 10+ pounds and her coat is becoming white again. Here is what Xena is up against and why we need your help!

• Heartworm Positive and started preliminary treatment. She will start Ivermectin treatment very soon.
• Treated for critically low blood platelets
• Treated for intestinal worms
• Supplements and food for weight gain and skin condition.
• Has severe hip dysplasia and taking CBD oil.
• Needs full dental cleaning, teeth are in terrible condition
• Mass removal needed on foot along with biopsies on other masses of concern

Currently we have already spent $812.14 on vets and $250 on food and other supplements for Xena. We expect this will be over $2,000 more in vetting to get her happy and comfortable again! Thank you donors who have already sent $1,285.00 in donations! So, we have adjusted her goal on this campaign to be $1,800.00 for now and it may go up once the procedures are actually performed.

We love you Xena!