DC Dogos Fundraising Campaigns

For most of us, our pets are beloved family members. When your pet is sick or hurt and in need of veterinary care, you want to provide the best care possible for them. Unfortunately routine veterinary care can cost hundreds of dollars and you could be saddled with a vet bill for thousands of dollars if your pet suffers a health emergency.

  1. Heartworm Awareness Month

    Monthly Heartworm & Flea Prevention

    The dogs pictured above were rescued by DC Dogos and were found to be Heartworm positive. Sadly, Starr crossed over the rainbow bridge in November of 2018 after she finished treatment and she will forever be in our hearts. If you need help obtaining heartworm prevention for your pet please reach out to your local non-profit vet clinics for recommendations and assistance.

    $3,949.00 donated of $2,500.00 goal
  2. Spay It Forward


    Donate Today! 800 homeless pets are euthanized every hour in the United States. Donate to our “Spay it Forward” campaign

    $3,275.00 donated of $2,500.00 goal

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