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Volunteer Roles with DC Dogos Inc

DC Dogos Inc is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization focused on saving the lives of Dogo Argentinos.  The only way we can do this is with the help of volunteers who also have the vision to help this beautiful breed. We know that there are kind people who have strengths and capabilities to fill various roles within the rescue. Below is a brief description of the different roles we need filled. Interested volunteers are encouraged to submit a volunteer application for one or more of the roles they feel is something they can do to help!


Download the PDF brochure with complete details of Volunteer Roles

Below is a list with brief descriptions of the Volunteer Roles needed.


Case managers facilitate what it takes to get this dog from being saved to being placed in a home. Volunteers in this position serve as the main point of contact for a particular Dogo within their region. You must have the ability to coordinate and organize all efforts needed to help the Dogo. Volunteers in this role must be well organized, a good communicator, and be resourceful.


We need several Foster Coordinators, ideally one or more in every region noted above.  Volunteers in this position need to be a good judge of character and able to be diligent at screening people. You must be organized and able to keep track of fosters locations, limitations, availability, etc.


We will need several volunteers in this role to keep up with the amount of applications that are received to foster, adopt, and volunteer. You must be able to keep up with emails and respond in a timely manner. Reviewers must also have a good judge of character and be resourceful in doing thorough checks on applicants.


Rescue transport can often be achieved at little to no cost.  The goal is to get the Dogo transported safely as possible with consideration of their needs as top priority. You must be resourceful, organized, excellent communicator, and detail oriented. DC Dogos needs several volunteers to fill this role.


The Medical Coordinator should have a veterinary or medical background and able to help fosters and adopters as needed. This person will help guide fosters/adopters with medical concerns.


Fosters save lives!  Without fosters we cannot rescue Dogos  Fosters can be short or long term, both are needed.  Short term fosters are those that usually help on an urgent need until a more permanent foster or adopter, or transporter is found. Long term fosters are those that care for the dog until adopter is found. Fosters are needed everywhere all the time and there is no limit on the number of qualified fosters within the rescue.


DC Dogos wants to be a rescue that provides the training needed for Dogos in our care.  Newly placed dogs that don’t work out could have been avoided if the adopter simply had training support to get through the initial days to weeks.  Once a dogo is placed with a foster or adopter a trainer will reach out to them as support. You must have a strong background with dog training and familiar with Dogo Argentinos.

Complete the application below to be considered to be part of our volunteer team.