This page is dedicated to the happy tails stories when our dogs get to the forever homes they deserve! Our rescue puts a lot of effort into each dog we save so they get the medical and training attention they need. We cut no corners and invest in out dogs!  We want our adopters to have full picture of the dog they are adopting so there is a better chance of success in the home.  Sometimes they get to a home and for one reason or another, it’s just not a good fit so we try again. Dogos tend to have a hard time when their lives change as they fall in love with the people in their lives quick.  Our fosters and adopters know to have patience when a new dog comes into the home since it can be so scary for the dog.

Think about this…dogs get moved around and they do not know where they are going or why.  They don’t know why the people they liked left them in a new place whether it be a good or bad place….they just don’t understand. Now they are in a new place with strange people, weird smells, different climate, bigger space, smaller space, new yard, new dogs, other animals, little kids, big kids, and whatever else is new. They don’t know the language or commands these people are giving, not the same words the last people used.  The smells are overwhelming and not sure if they are even safe to be there. It is just like when we go to a foreign country and don’t know the language but with dogs, they can’t google anything to find answers! They need some time to take it all in and figure it all out. So we always ask new fosters and adopters to be patient, give them some space and let them decompress. When all goes well with fostering and homing a dog we get a success story that we call Happy Tails!

We hope you enjoy our videos and thank you for your support!