DC Dogos Fundraising Campaigns

For most of us, our pets are beloved family members. When your pet is sick or hurt and in need of veterinary care, you want to provide the best care possible for them. Unfortunately routine veterinary care can cost hundreds of dollars and you could be saddled with a vet bill for thousands of dollars if your pet suffers a health emergency.

  1. Starr

    Help Starr Continue The Road To Recovery

    Starr came to us when her family couldn't take her with them because they were moving. We immediately got her fully vetted and found out she has Heartworm Disease and will have to undergo Fast Kill Treatment. We hope this will safely kill the heartworms and allow her to heal over time to be a healthy dog again. We are grateful to have taken her in the rescue when we did or she would be a dead dog very soon due to the nature of heartworm disease.
    $260.00 donated of $1,000.00 goal
  2. Bella


    Eval and X-rays: Estimate $300 - Surgery: Estimate $1000-$2800 - Bella got dumped at the shelter in pain with a nasty broken leg! She ran off and probably got hit by a car. Owner decided to leave her at the kill shelter. If you are interested helping Bella please donate at her personal link here. If you want more information about Bella you will email her at bella@dcdogos.org. Thank you for your support!
    $1,500.00 donated of $1,550.00 goal
  3. Violet

    Violet Needs Your Help

    We saved Violet recently from an Orlando shelter after she was found wandering the streets, most likely dumped because they were done breeding her. She has a couple mammary masses and another one on her back in that we are having removed on Monday and biopsied! we found a wonderful Tampa non-profit Veterinary Clinic that will do these surgeries and spay her for $780. 38! Please consider a donation of any amount towards her upcoming surgery so she can recover and be adopted soon. She is an absolute doll and will steal your heart imediately if you meet her!! This girl is so well-mannered and behaved, it blows our minds that she is in rescue at all. In just one week she is already gained 4 pounds and has about another twenty one more pounds left to gain but she loves eating and even more so, she loves being hand-fed! Thank you for helping Violet. We appreciate our supporters and without you we cannot save lives!
    $655.00 donated of $800.00 goal
  4. Missing Rio

    Missing Dogo

    Rio (aka Frankie) went missing on Sunday August 12th from his foster home in the Bella Vista area of San Antonio, Texas (zip code 78253). Volunteers have searched and his face is posted everywhere to no luck of finding him. Please consider a donation to put towards a reward if found. We also want a private investigator to work on the case at a price of $1200.00! We need your help to do this so we have a better chance of bringing Rio back to the rescue. Rio is from Puerto Rico and a Hurricane Maria survivor. A family brought him to the states in February to have a new life. He managed to escape his foster's yard and we are doing everything in our power to get him back and hope nothing bad has happened to our precious rescue.
    $40.00 donated of $1,200.00 goal
  5. Sassy

    Be A Sassy Sponsor

    Sassy is a 4-year-old fun female dogo argentino who was saved by a vet tech in Texas when her owner tried to euthanize her when she wasn't feeling good. After a few months of love and TLC she was ready to go to a home. But the home she went to in Kansas let her down and she was found wondering outside of a Dollar Store in Jacksonville, FLORIDA!!! A good citizen took Sassy to Alabama with her because the folks there wanted to call animal control. This is when DC Dogos came into her life and flew her to a temp foster in Alabama then to her foster in North Carolina. Sassy needs Sponsors!! She is with a wonderful foster and we need to help to cover some of the basics, ear infection, and monthly preventatives. We also had to invest in her ground transport to her foster along with long term ear treatment, food, treats, leash, toys, etc. Please consider a donation of any amount to her account! If you would like to send something to Sassy directly please visit her Amazon Wishlist: http://a.co/5pkO9pZ
    $430.00 donated of $635.00 goal

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